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Product Review: Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Steph is a blogger from the UK who runs Destination Downtime. She recently took the time to use and review our Picnic Blankets. Read what she had to say:


Introducing SunDrift, a brand that is adding a little colour and fun to outdoor essentials. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a couple of products from their new range, and put them to the test. In this post I will be giving an honest review of the SunDrift picnic blanket. 

Fiona, the founder of SunDrift, started the business with a mission. To deliver top-class sustainable outdoor gear that actually looks good! This is a mission I can 100% get behind, I am all for outdoor brands that take into consideration not only the practicalities of equipment but how it looks as well. What I absolutely love about SunDrift is the playful colours and designs that inspire me to use more colour in my outdoor wardrobe.


I put this blanket to the test on a trip to the beach on a very windy day. Once on the ground the picnic blanket stayed flat and didn’t blow around, something I have found particularly annoying with flimsier blankets. For a party of 4 we had plenty of space to stretch out and it was easy to pack away and zip back into the bag.

This picnic blanket from SunDrift is an essential for your summer staycation. The portable carry bag makes this bag easy and convenient to carry around with you, unfolding to cover a large floor space, which is perfect for families. The picnic blanket features a good quality zip making it durable and long lasting. One of the things I love about SunDrifts products is the bright and playful colours and patterns used throughout all collections, this blanket is available in two very summery styles, teal and coral.


  • Colourful print
  • Eco Friendly (Global Recycled Standard Certified)
  • Waterproof
  • Portable Carry bag
  • Large enough for the whole family


You can read Steph's full review by clicking here.  All items on Destination Downtime's blog post were gifted and all opinions are those of Steph, the creator of Destination Downtime.


About the author:

Steph is the creator of Destination Downtime what started as a list of ‘must visit’ summer destinations, has since grown into a library of easy to follow bike rides, hikes, kayaking trips, staycations & much more. 

With a belief that the great outdoors should be accessible and enjoyed by everybody, Destination Downtime encourages people to explore what is on their doorstep. The UK has an abundance of hidden gems, and beautiful remote corners of the country that make you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. 


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